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Stories that cross the sea, an echo spurred by the wind that crosses two cultures only in distant parts, Sicily and Sardinia, Trinacria and the Quattro Mori. In the Belìce valley, yellow in summer and acid green in winter, the flavors of the Antico Frantoio are born, a perfect combination of past and future in a land where there is always spring.

Twenty-two hectares of vineyards and olive groves extend in the shadow of Mount Adranone, which grandfather Nicolò, the initiator of the estate, donated to the offspring and to the younger generations of the family, passing on with it the secrets to give the fruits of the earth the excellent organoleptic qualities of one time

Nicola Lamanno
Salvatore Lamanno
Antonella Murgia
Nicola Lamanno
Sofia Lamanno

Sicilian Salvatore Lamanno and Antonella Murgia of Sardinian origin, together with their children, Nicola and Sofia, today produce the highest quality organic oils and wines and persistently continue to maintain the naturalness of their products.

The Antico Frantoio, a totally organic company, has never stopped believing in the enormous potential of its territory, desiring an authentic and sincere finished product, linked to the place where it was born, making sure that the oils and wines retain the original aromas and perfumes of the Mediterranean, forever imprinted in the memories and taste of those who taste them. The company is part of the BioDistretto Borghi Sicani which brings together the excellence of the territory of the Sicani Mountains.

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